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Communicating Effectively

Success in any field depends to a large extent on relationships with other people, and communication skills have a significant impact on all relationships.

The inability to communicate effectively is one of the most common obstacles to quality and productivity.

You will learn how to:

  1. Overcome obstacles in communication caused by different value systems and communication styles.
  2. Choose appropriate words, tone of voice, and body language for clear, direct, appropriate communication.
  3. Build good working relationships through attentive, active listening.
  4. Present yourself with confidence and communicate your ideas and opinions more effectively.
  5. Give and receive constructive feedback and minimize defensiveness in situations involving conflict and confrontation.
  6. Cope more effectively with difficult people.

Tests available to help you understand your communication style and the styles of others you
communicate with include:

  1. Emotional Intelligence Assessment
  2. Survey of Communication Styles
  3. Communication Response Style
  4. Working Style
  5. Personality Type (Abbreviated Myers-Briggs)
  6. Conflict Management Style

1007 Bucknell
Arlington, TX 76012
Fax 817-265-2571